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Photograph n°8 

Scattering of artillery pieces, western port of Pointe des Galets au Port, 2013



Historical and technical data


The site of the dispersion of artillery pieces is located North-West of Reunion on the territory of the commune of the port, at the western port of the tip of the pebbles


Figure 1: Geolocation of artillery pieces
Caption: Artillery pieces 
Source: Nautical Chart (Inc.) Mapsource

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The site of the dispersion of the artillery pieces is along the channel of the western port of the tip of the pebbles. A geolocation carried out by the brotherhood of seafarers confirms the presence of about twenty guns. They are juxtaposed to the pier. The flat muzzles of these artillery pieces face the surface. Breech beds are sealed in cubic boulders. The muzzles have several calibers. Losses of material are observable on all the parts. Among other things, we observe howitzer cannons. This type of artillery piece could come from the arms factory in the village of Saint-Gervais Isère. A similar gun was offered by the Department of Reunion to the small village of Saint-Gervais Isère where we can read on the commemorative plaque:

“This cannon cast in 1843 at the National Foundry of Saint-Gervais was shipped to Bourbon Island to ensure its defense

The Department of Reunion presented it to Mr. Vaudeville Prefect of Isère who handed it over on July 7, 1973 to the Commune of Saint-Gervais”

The research carried out following this observation made it possible to define the place of the manufacturing foundry and to better characterize this type of artillery piece.

For more information on this foundry:

DSC01208 - Copy.JPG
Building_2 - Copy.jpg

Figure 2 to 10: Howitzer barrel of Saint-Gervais
Photos: Geneviève Ropars - Brotherhood of Seafarers

Characteristics of the howitzer cannon

Sunk in 1843 in SAINT GERVAIS Isère.
Weight: 3697 kg. 
Caliber: 240 mm in diameter at the muzzle.

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