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Photograph n°23

Paving of a slipway, Anse des cascades in Sainte-Rose, 1999



Historical and technical data


The paving site of the slipway is located at a place called Anse des cascades on the territory of the municipality of Sainte-Rose in the far east of Reunion Island. 
The cove of waterfalls takes its name from the many waterfalls present on the cliffs. This part of the coast gives access to the sea on a small bay. The seaside is equipped with a slipway. About fifteen local boats are permanently stationed there.


Figure 1: Parking of local boats at the Sainte-Rose waterfall cove
Pastel: M. Venner by Bernardy de Sigoyer

The website

The paving site of the slipway of the Anse des Cascades presents on the surface in its simplest form an inclined plane facing south (Figure 2). The platform for the end part on the land side has a coating made up of basalt rocks of large and medium modules. The encalade technique is characterized by the juxtaposition of blocks of rough or barely rough stones, sometimes of large size. The platform, for the end part on the sea side, has a coating made up of a concrete slab. A protective riprap made up of large modulus rocks is piled up on each side of the slipway. A low wall delimits the eastern end of the structure. 

23 info.png

Figure 2: Paving of the slipway
Photo: E. Venner by Bernardy de Sigoyer

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