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Sailors and Pirates

Underwater archeology is interested  in shipwrecks, maritime structures such as landing stages, navies, ports and lighthouses and also insailors and pirates.


Find incredible stories of sailorsin each of the pages.


- TheLieutenant Paul Guerydied in quarantine at the Lazaret de la Grande Chaloupe in 1867

- Secrets of the Tomb of thea Nozzle, pirate whose treasure is to this day perhaps only a legend ...

- Thecastawaysdu Ker Anna in 1894

- themfishermen of the Possessiondied in 1962

- the story of'Alfred Frederic KiddChief engineer of the beached kaisari in 1901 at Saine Rose

- theCaptain in the long run Erasme Feuilletof Saint Malo killed in a duel by his own weapon






Roches blanches

The ship's lieutenant

Paul Guery

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