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Photograph n°27

Anchor, Bel-Air lighthouse in Sainte-Suzanne, 2022



Historical and technical data


The anchor site is located at the Bel-Air lighthouse built in 1845 on the municipal territory of Sainte-Suzanne in the North East of Reunion.


Figure 1: Sainte-Suzanne lighthouse anchor record sheet
Source: Brotherhood of Sea People

Illustration: DRASSM

The website


The anchor exhibited at the Bel-Air lighthouse in Sainte-Suzanne is fixed to the ground on a base made of concrete. Tilted, this marine element is made of wrought iron. It has not been processed.   Rusty, losses of material are observable on the entire surface of the metal.   Only one arm is present of ninety centimeters. The leg still preserved over a length of sixty-one centimeters for a width of fifty-three centimeters. It forms a straight base, rounded ears and a well-pronounced beak. The anchor is incomplete, the breech has no stock. The organeau measures thirty-three centimeters   in external diameter. The total length of the anchor is two meters sixty.

This piece of the navy was once on display at the Sainte Suzanne navy training center for adults.

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