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Photograph n°18

Stone quay, Radoub basin in Saint-Pierre, 2013



Historical and technical data


The Radoub basin site is located on the south-west coast of Reunion Island in the municipal territory of Saint-Pierre, located at the marina opposite Boulevard Hubert Delisle.

In 1854, work began on the port of Saint-Pierre, under the impetus of Governor Hubert Delisle. The first project involves building two jetties and a groyne to shelter the two natural basins from the swell. As these works are insufficient, the digging of a new sheltered basin is envisaged, requiring the drilling of the coral plate. The digging of the access channel was completed in 1883, the date of the inauguration of the port which can accommodate ships of 4.5 m draft. From 1886, works allow the port to accommodate twelve sailboats of five hundred tons. On the edge of the port is established a form of refit, basin dug for the maintenance and repair of the hull of the boats. To dry out the form, the entrance to the basin was plugged and pumps evacuated the water to allow repairs (Source:pop culture


Figure 1: Stone quay, Dry dock 
Photo: Eric Venner by Bernardy de Sigoyer

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The wharf site is at the southern end of the dry dock. It is a device that used to allow the loading and unloading of ships. This portion of the quay has a facing made up above the surface of the water of 34 blocks of rectangular basalt stones. The portion of the quay measures four meters four. The apparatus forms a regular set. The attrition of the stones is observable. This wall is surmounted by a wooden railing.

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