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Photograph n°16

Anchor, Holy Land in Saint-Pierre, 2020



Historical and technical data

The district of Terre-Sainte "the bottom" is located on the municipal territory of Saint-Pierre. This port city is located in the South-West of the island of Reunion on the leeward coast.

The anchor site is located below rue Amiral Lacaze on the seafront to the east-south-east of the mouth of the First River.

For Jules Herman, the name Terre Sainte would have Malagasy origins: Terasindrano or Marine Térasindr, meaning the other side. 


Figure 1: Anchor registration form located at the Sainte-Suzanne marine
Source: Brotherhood of the People of the Sea

Illustration: DRASSM

The website


The observation of the Terre-Sainte anchor in Saint-Pierre is part of an underwater archaeological prospecting operation referenced OA: 4457.

This marine element is positioned upright fixed by metal legs on a concrete base which measures one meter sixty in length by one meter two in width for a thickness of twenty centimeters. Made of wrought iron, this piece has not been treated. Losses of material are observable over the entire surface of the metal. Anti-rust has been applied giving it this black color. The penis is arched. This navy element is incomplete. The cylinder head has no organeau. The jas is present in part over a total length of thirty-eight centimeters. The total length of the anchor is two meters twenty, the length of the arm is eighty centimeters. The leg, still preserved, measures fifty-one centimeters in length for a width of thirty-nine centimeters. It forms a straight base at the level of the ears. 

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